Runner´s Quest for Glory

september 2013 | buckle up / Lucia Vitálošová

We prepared the Runner´s Quest for Glory as a self-promo of our agency in the event of the second annual of the sporting event The Pezinok Run. Since we are a proud partner of the event, it was clear for us that the activity won't include a game of chess or a javelin throw. As the name of the event suggests, the goal was to run the longest possible distance to get a chance to win an iPad mini.

Runner´s Quest for Glory - self-promo


“We spent 243 days thinking hard about the perfect internet running simulator, and this is the result.”

Since we are innovative in innovating and creative in creating (our running T-shirts say that, so it must be the truth), we had to come up with something utterly unique – an online running simulator with running speed meter and distance gauge. While playing the game, the player sees random messages, such as the one about hiring a programmer in our agency.

“Have you heard that buckle up searches for smart individuals? If you want to create games like this one, let us know!”

To support the online self-promo of our agency, we also created an offline campaign. Every runner participating in the The Pezinok Run received a paper iPad mini with a link to our September Run game. Since the The Pezinok Run was 8 km long, after entering the code, the final score of the player was topped up by the same distance the runners had previously run in real life. Some would say this solution was “magnificent”, “crosslink”, or a bunch of other witty descriptions, but for us, it was obvious 

“Chuck Norris was the only one who finished this infinite game. Twice!”

Technological features

HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript animations, complete playability via a keyboard on desktop computers, as well as on tablets including iPad via touch screens, or seamless transitions from page to page with no need to reload the site. Do we need to add something else? Alright; the game was linked to Facebook and supported saving, so the player could continue playing it anytime. Is there anything else? Sure, for example, the option to enter a bonus code published on our Facebook fanpage, boosting the player's running score with extra kilometers.

“Keep running, the refreshment spot is serving kebab!”

our work

  • concept and structure
  • graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • copywriting