február 2016 | Point41, Ltd.

POINT41 is a personal chronicle of everyday style curated by Martina & Yarka. We are a duo of 41+ young gals hailing from Slovakia loving fashion as a form of self-expression, attitude and respect. What started as a personal passion steadily evolved to be a professional orientation. The same as with our agency :-)

POINT41 - Responsive blog

Responsive blog

We've known Martina for quite a long time now and have worked together on several different projects from print material to websites. With fashion blog, we kept the major focus on photographs. Therefore, we kept the design simple, contemporary, and “fancy”.  As usual, we used the latest technologies including HTML5 and CSS3. We optimized the responsive blog for mobile phones including those with high-resolution screens (Retina).

Content Management System

We designed custom administration system to manage the content that fits the needs of this project. This solution provides streamlined administration, free from excess settings and functions that would distract the users.

our work

  • concept and structure
  • graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • Pinterest API implementation
  • mobile optimization
  • CMS / administration