október 2016 | Teslová, s. r. o.

Project in Bratislava, which connects industrial atmosphere of the 60's with a modern architectural concept. Original concrete hoppers, impressive headroom space and its openness enhance unique charming atmosphere of the original industrial architecture. New administrative spaces for a digital agency? If there were any in Pezinok, we would already be there.

Mlynica - Responsive website

Concept for the project

Given the industrial type of the project we approached the concept a little more courageously. History deserves it after all :-) And it would be a great shame, to exclude the rich atmosphere of Mlynica. Since we are co-working with the reality agency  IURIS spol. s.r.o., which is the sole seller, for a long time on many projects, we approved the website concept very quickly.

Website will explain in detail the history, it will induce an atmosphere of openness, co-working and community. However it is not meant for direct sell, therefore you would search for the prices of the spaces in vain. That is based on the personal meeting with the seller. However we did not forget about the future. In the future the website will serve as promotional space for cultural events, expositions, vernissages, exhibitions, workshops and corporate events.

Technical realisation

We designed the website as a so-called “Single page” or “One page”. Which means that the whole content of the website is located on one scrollable page. Optimisation for mobile devices is a must. Optimisation for displays with high resolution (Retina) have been incorporated automatically with the responsive version of the website.

our work

  • branding / logo design
  • concept and structure
  • prints (pdf for every object)
  • graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • mobile optimization