Health Care Profesionals

január 2019 | Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

If you were a specialist physician, you would definitely visit this super-duper portal full of studies, product information, interviews with physicians and other very interesting stuff about the human body and the treatment associated with it. But since you're not, you probably won't get there.

Health Care Profesionals - Boehringer Ingelheim web portal

Technologies used

For our long-term client Boehringer Ingelheim, we have prepared a solution for specialist physicians - a web portal created in a universal way so that the client can run it in several countries and further expand it independently. So far it has been launched in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. Four more European countries will be added soon.

We built the portal on the Drupal7 CMS (administration system) with various tailor-made modules. One of these modules is the AE scanner, which checks user-entered inputs for predefined keywords. If a predefined word occurs, a request is immediately sent to the Pharmacovigilance department of the client to further deal with this request. The solution is very similar to checking a discussion for inappropriate words. In this case, these are words associated with the side effects of drugs.

For a more detailed indexing and understanding of data by search engines, we have incorporated the so-called microdata. Of course, we have not forgotten the optimization for mobile devices (responsive design) and the optimization for high-resolution displays (Retina). In development, we also worked with other technologies and services such as Jenkins, JIRA, Bitbucket.

Connection to external services / API

GRV (Global Registration and Validation)

This service enables registration and validation of specialist physicians. If you are not one, you will unfortunately not get to the portal. Our client fully complies with the applicable law which is especially strict in the pharmaceutical sector. Without a successful verification that the visitor is a specialist physician, professional information cannot be provided.

Adobe DTM and InstaTag

The entire portal is linked to the measurement code from Adobe. The client can then identify the specialist physician and make a specific content available that is intended for them. The implementation is very similar to Google Analytics.

Veeva Vault

In CMS (administration system), the client can create pages that directly display content from the Veeva Vault system. If you have a document stored in Veeva Vault, such as a study or summary of product characteristics (SmPC), you can display it directly on the page without having to re-upload. A huge advantage is that you can manage these materials directly in the Vault without having to update the website itself.

Brightcove API

The client uploads the videos via the Drupal7 CMS directly to Brightcove account and these are then displayed using the API on the website.

our work

  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • Drupal 7 CMS / administration
  • optimization for mobile devices
  • connection to external services
  • Veeva Vault integration