Clean Bubbles

október 2014 | Slovenská asociácia výrobcov a dodávateľov technických plynov

How clean are the bubbles in your drinks? That is the question of us and our client for every place serving fizzy drinks from the tap. The Clean Bubbles campaign raises awareness about the potential health risks and safety of the fizzy drinks, as well as explaining how the not-so-clean bubbles make their way into your drinks. From now on, enjoying chilled beer or soda with your friends will never be the same

Digital Marketing Campaign Clean Bubbles

Marketing Campaign and visual identity

The marketing campaign primarily aims to highlight the importance of clean bubbles and the potentially negative impact of the not-so-clean bubbles on the health and safety of the customers in bars or restaurants. The Clean Bubbles communication raises awareness through different media including stickers on the entry door to the involved establishments, posters, coasters, and strips of bubble wrap, which were eventually not featured in the initial phase of the campaign.

The second target group of the campaign was the owners of the involved places. They were addressed by posters showing dirty plate, featuring the headline: “Would you serve food to your customers this way? Don't do it with your drinks.”

We offered the client different marketing campaign proposals with the idea, naming, and visual identity including prints.


To support the visual identity of the campaign considering the extent of the communicated information, we designed the so-called single page/one page/full-screen page, meaning the home page features the entire content. The website is fully responsive for mobile phones or tablets and optimized for high-resolution screens. The animations were designed using CSS3 and JavaScript technologies.

our work

  • marketing campaign concept
  • campaign visual identity
  • prints (stickers, posters...)
  • microsite graphic design
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animations
  • mobile optimization