Bovela brochure

máj 2019 | Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate

Put on your boxing gloves and get in the ring to fight the Bovine viral diarrhea. At the present time, the time of facts but also the time of anti-vaxxers, we have left nothing to chance. We conducted a satisfaction survey among all involved. Nine out of ten cows cannot praise this injection enough and would welcome receiving regular vaccinations! Moooo.

Boehringer Ingelheim - Bovela brochure

Our long-term client Boehringer Ingelheim started the treatment of Bovine viral diarrhea virus - BVDV. In some countries they have succeeded in eliminating it altogether. In order to make vaccination against this virus even more known to farmers and veterinarians, we have prepared this awesome brochure for them.

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